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PAGE 24. 1957 Lambretta 48 Moped


I bought this Lambretta 48 II moped as a 1957 model. But when I looked on the Lambretta Club website, it says Lambretta’s production of Lambretta model 48 II moped started in 1959. After a bit more research, I found an italian website which quotes the details below, with production from 1955-1957 too I assume they are referring to the first model, so this one must be an early one. It has an Innocenti engine.

It just shows how difficult it can be to date old cyclemotors and mopeds. I’ll do more research and update this in due course.


Lambretta in Italy says:

Year – Aug. 1955 – Dec. 1957 / Jan 1959 – Mar 1961
Italian production 34.909 / 24.640
Capacity 47.75 cc
Bore x stroke 40 x 38 mm
Carburettor Dellorto T5-11S
Gear 2 speeds – Hand controlled
Power1.7 cv a 5.000 g/min.
SpeedMax 50 Km/h
Tyre Size 2×22
Brakes drums
Tank capacity 2,7 litres
Consumption 80 Km/l
Weight 44 Kg
Overall length 1.900 mm
Overall eight 1.000 mm
Overall width 620 mm
Colours: Red, blue and light grey
Price 71.000 Lire


The British Lambretta Club says:
The first moped introduced by Lambretta was the 48 II, which was launched in January 1959. The single beam cradle type frame was light and rigid, and held a 47.75cc engine. Whilst not being powerful at 1.7bhp the two speed gearbox made the 48 capable of 31mph. A small fuel tank built into the frame, air filter also housed within the frame and a single seat gave this small Lambretta the rider the basic needs. The 48 could be used as a conventional bicycle by disengaging the pedal drive. A small tool box was fitted underneath the rear rack, and the 48 came complete with a pump for the tyres. The 48 II was replaced in 1966 by the Lambrettino.

Lambretta 48 II
Production ran from January 1959 to March 1961 with a total Italian production of 24,640
Length : 1900mm
Width: 620mm
Height : 1000mm
Weight : 44kg
Capacity : 47.75cc
Bore : 40mm
Stroke : 38mm
Power : 1.7hp @ 5,000 rpm
Max speed 31mph
Fuel Consumption 169 mpg

Original Price : 71,000 Lira
Colours : Grey (8041), Red (8045) and Blue
Frame Numbers :
Engine Numbers : Not Known
Carburettor Dell’Orto T4-12S
Tyre Size 2.00*22
Ft pressure 21 lb/sq.in
R pressure 36 lb/sq.in

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