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PAGE 23. 1949 Le Poulain Model A Cycle Attachment on Eulette Cycle


1949 Le Poulain 50cc Model A – Cycle Attachment on Eulette Cycle


I’ve always liked le Poulain cyclemotors. The company was a well-respected upmarket manufacturer. The first le Poulains were front-mounted engines, and later they also developed the engine to fit in the conventional moped position. On page 14, you can see my new-old-stock matching 1952 Select 52 mopeds which use le Poulain engines.


The company started producing their range of ‘moteurs auxiliaires’ in 1949, and the Model A was the first model.


Unlike some of the other engines fixed over the front wheel, le Poulain is a well-balanced machine.


The only design faults I’ve found in these units is that the original gear levers used to rock the roller-wheel down onto the front tyre have nearly always disintegrated over the half a century they’ve been in existence. You’ll observe a re-manufactured set-up on this one, on the left side of the engine.


This Model A was restored in 2007, and the attractive Eulette bicycle matches the engine’s interesting ‘fifties futuristic’ style.


The follow-up models were introduced after only one year, so the Model A is now particularly scarce.



1950 le Poulain Monobloc Standard and Luxe


Compare the ‘Standard’ model in the advert above with the ‘Luxe’ in the advert below.


I sold the two le Poulain Motoblocs pictured below earlier this year.


The first (above) is an unrestored Motobloc Standard on a Terrot cycle. As the Luxe model introduced in the same year was so much more ‘modern’ – similar in looks to the very popular Dutch Berini, but much more stylish – the Motobloc Standard is now as rare as the Model A.

The restored le Poulain Motobloc Luxe is on a 1946 Peugeot frame


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