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PAGE 20. 1958 Velo Solex 1010


The Velosolex was introduced right after World War 2.

Like the Italian Lambrettas and Vespas in the scooter world, the Velosolex set the highest standard in its genre, and remained the market leader for ‘cyclomoteurs’ throughout its production run.

A good measure of its success is the fact that a brand new Velosolex is now on sale. Although I find it to be a bit ‘plasticky’ it surprised me how true it is to the original design.

These wonderful little machines really are the epitome of french vintage transport.

This particular one is a beautiful Velosolex 1010, the same type used in Mon Oncle, which came out in the same year. (see poster above).


It starts easily, runs well, and is an absolute joy to ride.


The 1010 looks much more at home in Pat’s pretty garden in France in summer (above) than in my drive in Brighton in autumn (below).


Of course, the main difference between riding solexes in France and Britian is that over there, being under 50cc, they don’t need a license or registration.


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