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Welcome to www.Under50.cc

September 11, 2007

Welcome to the free internet magazine for all vintage 2-wheelers under 50cc. Advertisements

1955 Elvish Cucciolo 48cc Cyclemotor

September 10, 2007

1955 ELVISH Cyclemotor with 48cc CUCCIOLO Engine: You can read the full story on Page 7 Or CLICK HERE

Why a Vintage Cyclemotor/ Moped Magazine?

September 9, 2007

Why a Vintage Cyclemotor/ Moped Magazine that’s only available online? – A good question. And one that is easily answered. I’ve always felt that having a hobby is a very healthy thing. Even though my particular hobby veers towards obsession from time to time, I’ve enjoyed collecting old things since I was a kid. My […]

Why not Join a Club?

September 8, 2007

If you’ve enjoyed looking around http://www.Under50.cc, you may wish to join one of the clubs that cater to our cyclemotoring hobby. The new official website for the National Autocycle & Cyclemotor Club can be found at: http://www.thebuzzingclub.co.uk And the VMCC website is: http://www.vmcc.net/ It has a very active cyclemotor section. Both of these clubs are […]