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Why a Vintage Cyclemotor/ Moped Magazine?


Why a Vintage Cyclemotor/ Moped Magazine that’s only available online?

– A good question. And one that is easily answered.

I’ve always felt that having a hobby is a very healthy thing. Even though my particular hobby veers towards obsession from time to time, I’ve enjoyed collecting old things since I was a kid. My family often joked that because my Mum gave away my Dinky toy collection to my cousin when I left home, I made up for it by collecting the full-size versions as an adult.

Since the internet became more accessible as we entered the 21st Century, and broadband now allows images to be browsed more easily, I feel the future of the old vehicle hobby lies in the internet.

Though plenty has been written about more common makes of vintage vehicle, it can be frustrating trying to find out about those with low production runs manufactured by small companies.


Imagine the scene: you own a small country garage; when business is slow you rebuild an old moped; you don’t know what make it is, so just for a laugh you add your company name to the tank. One of your customers asks if it’s for sale. You sell it and make a profit on something you did for fun in your spare time.

You realize you could do this to supplement your income, so you buy in a few dozen proprietary engines and parts, fit them to frames you’ve adapted and improved, and add your name. You’re now a motorcycle manufacturer!

Many hundreds of small manufacturers existed for short periods of time over the past 100 years. Although I’ve been driving, collecting, buying and selling, or researching old vehicles for over 30 years, it still amazes me as I come across yet another example I’d not previously heard of. I have friends who are knowledgeable experts and they still have similar experiences.

So this free online vintage cyclemotor/ moped magazine has two main purposes.

1. To encourage new vintage collectors. As with our sister website/ free vintage motorcycle magazine http://www.Ridevintage.com we’ll help you all we can if you’re interested in sampling the wonders of a vintage vehicle for the first time.

With a low purchase price, easy maintenance, very supportive clubs (and pedals to assist you if you break down!) a vintage cyclemotor or moped is by far the easiest way to initiate yourself into this glorious hobby.

2. To encourage all vintage enthusiasts to learn to use a digital camera, scanner, computer and basic website building tools so we can all add details of our old vehicles to the world database.



Humanity used to record history by carving scripts into leather; unfortunately leather deteriorates with time so that history was lost forever. Over 6000 years ago we started to realize the many uses of clay (walls around our new cities to protect the crops we’d now started cultivating; fixed water cisterns instead of carrying water in animal bladders; clay ovens rather than cooking in open pits) and we began recording history in cuneiform scripts carved into clay. In the past 200 years the British Museum has translated many of these: we can now read, for example, humanity’s first recorded story, the wonderful tale of Gilgamesh.

If you add photos and observations of your vintage vehicle to the internet, it EXISTS! You have added to the international database. When someone types the name of that model into a search engine somewhere …your entry will turn up. Perhaps they have a similar model requiring parts? Your photo may help them identify what’s needed. That odd little motorcycle made in an obscure location and initially only known to the local population is now identified and preserved forever.

History is not really about wars, royal families and crusades against other religions. True history is the preservation of details of our ordinary existence, the daily stuff. If you lived through the bombs of the last war, the dates and times of bombing raids are definitely relevant, but the serious memories linger around the smell of the air-raid shelters, the kindness of neighbours, the powdered eggs and marmite.

With a website …you exist too! Once you record your interest in a particular specialization, your memories, your feelings, you can meet others anywhere in the world who share your interests. It may sound strange, but a website is also an ‘organic entity.’ You never know how it will evolve and what may come from having it up there in cyberspace.



If you’ve not yet discovered the dubious joys of website design I’m happy to help. I’m not the world’s best mechanic. I’m a creative designer, photographer and researcher. I particularly like the definitive shape and form of 1950’s French design, so the focus here is less technical and more about image and styling. I hope you like it.

Luckily I have friends who are superb mechanics and they help me restore and keep my vintage bikes and cars on the road. I set up their websites! My costs are reasonable, and if you’re able to visit me in Brighton, I’ll even show you as much as I can to help you keep your website going yourself – http://lovedubs.com


So there you have it. This magazine will constantly change; it’s starting out with unusual examples from my own cyclemotor and moped collection, but as it develops I’ll add more and more rare models as I come across them in my research so that it can, in time, become a useful database for reference by other enthusiasts. My email address and phone number are included in one of the magazine pages on the right; I can NOT help you find spare parts (you’ll have to look on ebay like I do), but for any other enquiries, please feel free to email me or phone (office hours).


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